Friday, December 10, 2010

picture post

Here's some of the lovelies I came away with from my maiden voyage to Mr. B's Home for Wayward Polishes. I apologize for the amateurish photos but I'm working on building a proper lightbox and whatnot.

Old Creative Nail Designs-good times, man-good times! They aren't B3F and that's the way I like them. Full of toluene-y goodness! From l to r, Red Baroness, Royalty, Blueblood and Heiress.
 Some old China Glaze glass fleck beauties-I think these are from the Drunk People collection as their named Martini Lunch, Martini Pedicure and Sass in a Glass (from left to right). I'm still on the hunt for their sister polish, It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere. Seriously, that's the name of it!
OPI's Beachen Peachen and Tucum-cari Boys n Berry. The latter is black label, can't remember if BP is as well. See the dust on the darker polish where the cap meets the bottle? That's what I'm talking about.
More dust! These pics don't do either of these polishes justice-they are by Revivanail and they rock! The green one is a dark hunter green with gold micro shimmer, perfect for Christmas. The purple is deep grape with the same gold micro shimmer. They wear like grim death-no tipwear! And they apply so easily I can use them blindfolded.
Three Toma polishes-I'd seen this brand only online in pictures and evilBay so I thought they looked like fun. The polish in the middle was naughty and went to polish heaven; no matter how much thinner I added it was like spackle. Plus the color was not as interesting on the nail as in the bottle. I haven't tried the other two but given my mood swings it will get a workout.
I actually bought these from some surly Vietnamese ladies, not from the wonderful Mr. B but they were bought the same week so I'll toss them in here. Can't remember the name of the first one, it's rather unremarkable as a standard charcoal shimmer. But the green in the middle is Cat's Eye and the one on the right is Grape Crush. GC has holographic shimmer and therefore is shiny and good. Haven't tried Cat's Eye yet.

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  1. Oh, you found the motherload. Lol!! Oh I want grape crush!! Thanks for sharing :)