Saturday, December 18, 2010

some recent finds

I live in a small town and am running out of places to hunt it seems. Most of the time, I strike out either due to a language barrier (why oh why didn't I take Vietnamese in high school? Oh, that's right because it wasn't OFFERED) or because they don't sell polish and look at you like you have a second head growing out of your neck when you ask them if they have any for sale. It's a game of numbers really-you keep trying until you hit pay dirt. Persistence is the key to a good dusty hunter.

Down the street from work there is a nail place that I've had good luck at-the first time I went I came out with OPI's Glacier Bay Blues. I showed my bro-workers (I'm the only girl at my store) what I'd found and they didn't see the big deal. Yes, it's true that a lot of men are color-blind but really, it's just that my bro-workers are severely heterosexual rednecks that wouldn't know a bottle of polish from a tube of lipgloss. 
I've still not done an entire mani with this; my untrieds are epic. But I was stoked to get it! Here's some other finds from that particular dig.

They had a really sad looking bottle of China Glaze Dusk that I may go back and get eventually but it just didn't wow me in the bottle. It needed a day's worth of shaking/rolling to get it looking like it should.

Next set of pics are from the local mall's chop shop. My neighbor works there; her English is pretty good but I think she thinks I'm wacko because all I talk to her about is polish. That's probably the last thing she wants to talk about is work! 

I couldn't capture Rudolph Red's prettiness-it's a pinky red jellyish polish with gold microglitter. Think Smitten with Mittens but pinker maybe? So pretty IRL.

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