Sunday, January 9, 2011

odds n ends

Batteries now in the camera so here are a few things of note: first up, room 114 of the Home for Wayward Polishes. This is one of the smaller rooms.
The boxes that all the MPJs came out of-imagine my excitement stumbling across these! Room 114 has a lot of only a few shades of polish it seems. I keep seeing the same 3 China Glaze shades there. You can't see it in the video but there's also a 3-wheeled bicycle in there. Not sure what that's about but it may have been used to transport stuff between that room and a truck as it's got a big basket on the back.

I have to give a thank you to the groupthink that is the MUA Nail Board for getting me to buy Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Skin Therapy Lotion w/Shea Butter. That's good stuff! I like it better than Neutrogena Hand Cream at least for winter. I'm using Weleda Skin Food on my cuticles at night but haven't really seen a difference. I have been dehydrated due to dry winter air so the best thing for me to do is drink more water which I've been slack about. Hydration is key!

Spotted this week-the new WnW fast dry polishes that have a Lipmann Happy Birthday dupe-they were mislabeled as being .99 instead of $1.99 at my Kmart so I grabbed Party of Five and the 2 jelly holo shades (pink and blue). Can't remember their names off the top of my head. Been stalking Walrusmart to see when the Essies are coming without any luck but I did find three of the Nicole Justiin Bieber polishes-the red glass fleck one (OMB), the purple glitter and the blue w/holo glitter. So far I'm impressed with the red and the purple ones-JB has pretty good taste in picking polishes. I read on another blog he will have a spring collection out as well since this one did so well. SMH. I guess if Duran Duran had slapped their names on  polishes my friends and I would have bought them all so it's generational. Except Duran Duran were actually talented. ;-)  Click to embiggen!

Also from Walrusmart I succumbed to the new Sally Hansen minx things-I got Frock Star only because the pink camo ones were already sold out (big surprise, living in Redneck Central and there be a run on pink camo!) I got them for $7.50 thanks to a coupon I'd snagged at Walgreen's. Have only tried them on one pinky but I like the concept very much they just aren't economical. I saw that the latest 4 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears were made permanent-Grey Area et al? Also some new Diamond Shines with wedding-themed names and some new Insta-Dry colors too (a crazy intense cobalt blue shimmer and something that looked just like Commander in Chic).

Last week's Forever 21 order-I love those bottles, so substantial looking! I wish there was an actual store closer that 2 hours away so I could see more colors in person but for $2.80 each it's not a total loss if you end up with a dud.  Here's some single shots-

That navy polish hs a secret gold shimmer-it's going to be the first of these I'll wear. It's not very navy either, but a dusty medium dark blue. Yum!


  1. hey! i found your blog via The Blogsale List blog! I read all your posts and you are super lucky to have met Mr. B and to experience his warehouse of treasures! I am looking forward to more posts from you and I am excited to see more of your special finds =] I'm now a follower

  2. Hey! I tagged you for the Stylish Blogger Award

  3. What an awesome find this blog is. I haz a jealous of you, but how fun to live vicariously through you! I found out about you from Li Lian of Shortwidenails in an email conversation we were having. So glad she shared your blog. How fun this journey is and thank you for sharing it. I've read all your posts so I'm all caught up! I look forward to your next dig!

  4. I am hoping for more posts from you soon!!

  5. are you still on the hunt? OMG I'd love to go and check this warehouse by myself, but I'm too far awaaaaay D:
    I've been looking for China Glaze Spellbound for forever since 2010 lol
    maybe you could check this for me the next time you go, pretty please? :)