Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Will work for nail polish.

Had the day off today so I went down to visit Mr.B and help him out a bit. I know a fair bit about nail polish but pretty much nothing about any other areas of the beauty supply. I can tell you today that I learned there are umpteen-million different colors of Redken Shades EQ and Paul Mitchell "The Color". I'm relieved that I don't dye my hair because one false misread of those tiny little numbers and you could possibly have issues. Or a lawsuit!

It's still colder than it should be in the warehouse. It was in the mid 50's today but inside on that concrete floor (I stayed on the ground floor today) it was around 40. I'm going back later this week and will be dressing in layers so as not to be miserable.  So I worked for 4 hours and instead of getting paid in cash Mr. B  paid me in polishes. I got a backup of MPJ for myself, DS Coronation, OPI Russian to a Party for a reader and Pink Before You Leap from OPI. Plus I brought back some more things to put up on the sale blog.

I get so giddy and discombobulated when I'm there that I lose track of time; plus all the disarray makes my OCD go into overdrive. I know this sounds melodramatic but when I leave there I'm worn out mentally. I'd planned to skip on over to Ulta and see if I could find any Barielle holiday polishes left but couldn't remember how to get there. I did pop into Cosmoprof and pick up a few things plus found some Barielle Camo base coat at TJX so I was happy. And my Forever 21 polishes came in today as well so I don't know where to start. As Liz Lemon would say, "blergh".

I took a picture and a short video of the room I was in today while at the warehouse but my camera batteries are dead so will deal with that tomorrow. Can't wait to let you see what I dig through!

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